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Vietnamese Jello Cake with Cheese Recipe – Bánh Rau câu Flan Phô Mai

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120g cheese The Laughing Cow brand
120g condensed milk
150ml coffee
300g sugar
10g jelly powder chewy type
5 pcs egg yolk
250ml whipping cream

Vietnamese Jello Cake with Cheese Recipe – Bánh Rau câu Flan Phô Mai

  • 55 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


Vietnamese Jello Cake with Cheese (Bánh Rau câu Flan Phô Mai) is a refreshingly sweet dessert tinged with aromatic coffee and creamy cheese. Tastefully designed to resemble the famous French Caramel Flan, the alternating layers of vanilla-colored cheese and black coffee make for an eye-catching and mouth watering treat. This snack is well loved by people of all ages, but is particularly a favorite among young children. Impress your family this weekend with our homemade Vietnamese Jello Cake with Cheese Recipe!

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20 mins

Mix the jelly powder with 300g sugar in a pot, pour in 1.6 litre of water, stir well and leave for approximately 15-20 minutes so the jelly powder expands evenly.

*This helps the jelly powder dissolve better and the finished cake less likely to go out of shape or turn soggy.

10 mins

In another pot, simmer 250ml whipping cream with 120g condensed milk and 120g cheese under low heat (Do not boil).

Beat 5 yolk eggs and pour the beaten mixture slowly into the simmering pot, stir steadily as you pour so the mixture is well mixed and not clotted.

10 mins

Place the first pot containing the jelly mixture and cook on high heat while stirring steadily until the jelly powder full dissolves and the mixture becomes clearer (Do not bring to a boil).

Afterwards, pour 1/3 of this mixture into the egg yolk and milk pot, stir and mix well.

Pour 150ml black coffee into the remaining 2/3 of the jelly mixture and stir well.

15 mins

Pour a layer of the coffee-jelly mixture into a round mold (this layer should be around 0.5 cm in height), place into the fridge to freeze it quickly. When the jelly layer's surface has solidified a little, quickly pour a layer of the egg yolk - milk mixture in with the same thickness of 0.5 cm.

Repeat these steps until the ingredients run out. Place the whole jelly mold into the fridge for approximately 2-3 hours.

*Note: while pouring the layers, keep the two pots containing the coffee-jelly and the egg-milk mixture simmered on low heat to avoid solidifying. Using this method, the cheese jello cake texture will be soft and chewy at the same time.



Cut the Vietnamese jello cake into slices and serve cold. For those who prefer the bitter taste, just use more coffee until the coffee mixture becomes darker. If you don't like the chewy jelly type, replace them with the normal jelly powder. Enjoy!


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