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Tôm Chiên Trứng Muối Recipe – Fried Prawns with Salted Egg

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15 prawns fresh prawns
3 pcs salted duck egg
1 pc egg chicken egg
1/2 pack all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp pepper
100 ml cooking oil
2 pcs chili
20g butter

Tôm Chiên Trứng Muối Recipe – Fried Prawns with Salted Egg

  • 30 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


Tôm Chiên Trứng Muối (Fried Prawns with Salted Egg) is a popular Vietnamese dish often found in restaurant menus. However, not many are aware that this dish is surprisingly easy to prepare. Sweet and crispy fresh prawns coated in a layer of savory, rich and buttery salted egg sauce is a great combination that will satisfy your taste buds. Tôm Chiên Trứng Muối goes well with hot steamed white rice or simply salads for the health-conscious. You can even enjoy them as a snack with beer or wine!

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10 mins

Wash the fresh prawns and peel off the shells, keeping only the meat and tail part. Place inside a bowl and marinate with 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, and 1/4 tsp pepper. Mix well and leave for 10 minutes to let the prawns absorb the ingredients.

3 mins

Separate the yolks from the salted duck eggs. Boil them inside a pot until cooked. After that, use a fork to knead the salted egg yolks until they are soft and smooth like in the image above.

5 mins

Break one chicken egg into a bowl and beat it well. Also add the all-purpose flour into a separate bowl.

Dip the prawns one by one firstly into the beaten egg bowl then into the flour bowl until all the prawns are finished.

5 mins

Heat cooking oil and wait for it to start sizzling. Then add the prawns in to deep fry until golden brown and crispy. Note: please use plenty of oil so that both sides of the prawns are evenly fried. Afterwards, scoop them out and use paper to absorb the extra oil.

2 mins

On another frying pan, heat 20g butter until it melts then add minced chili in. Add the kneaded salted egg yolk mixture in and stir well.

5 mins

After the egg yolks have dissolved well into a mixture like the above image, add 20 ml drinking water in and stir well. Finally, add the crispy deep fried prawns in and stir fry so that the prawns are coated evenly with the sauce.


Turn off the heat and place the prawns onto a plate. Serve with rice or salad. You can dip the prawns into chili sauce or tamarind sauce when eating. Enjoy!


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