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Phở gà Recipe – Vietnamese Chicken Pho

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1/2 whole chicken free ranger (Gà ta)
2 pcs star anise
100g beansprouts
30g coriander
1 pc onion
1 pc ginger
2 pcs shallot
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp salt
500g pho noodle Bánh phở
1 tsp seasoning powder

Phở gà Recipe – Vietnamese Chicken Pho

  • 50 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


Pho has been around for hundreds of years and can even be considered an epitome of heritage for the Vietnamese. A dish of which intrinsic values are tied to the history of Vietnam in such a way that when its name is mentioned, the traditions and way of life of the people of Vietnam are immediately brought to mind. The spread of Pho as a national dish of Vietnam across the globe after the Fall of Saigon in 1975 only serves to heighten this phenomenon. As it travels around the world and comes to grace the dining tables of various cultures, Pho continues to evolve and today remains a favorite delicacy of a great many people.

Cooking Pho often involves notoriously rigorous steps and requires a great deal of care and attention to detail. However, with our Phở gà (Vietnamese chicken pho) recipe, even when you’re busy, you can still have a steaming hot bowl of chicken pho made in a simple style. Let’s enter the kitchen and start making Pho!

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15 mins

Grill the ginger and shallot until their skins are burnt. Then peel / grate off the skins. Grill the star anises roughly to make them aromatic.

Place the half chicken in a pot and pour cold water enough to cover its surface. Now add ginger, shallot, star anise, coriander and salt in. Bring to a boil.

10 mins

After the chicken is cooked, scoop out and tear it into bite-size pieces like in the image above.

10 mins

Use a strainer to filter the remaining broth and return to a boil. Add seasoning powder and fish sauce until the taste is right.

10 mins

Wash the bean sprouts and coriander leaves and let dry. Peel and fine cut the onion.


Place the pho noodle into a bowl and add the onions, beansprouts, coriander and torn chicken meat on top. You can add some diced chili on top to your liking.



Pour the broth into the pho bowl, and enjoy hot with chili sauce and hoisin sauce for Pho (Tương đen phở).


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