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Gỏi Ngó Sen Recipe – Vietnamese Lotus Root Salad

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200g fresh prawns
200g squid
300g lotus root
2 pcs carrot
2 pcs cucumber
2 tbsp fish sauce
10g Vietnamese coriander Rau răm
2 pcs lemon
2 tsp chili minced
2 tsp garlic minced
2 tsp sugar

Gỏi Ngó Sen Recipe – Vietnamese Lotus Root Salad

  • 55 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


Gỏi Ngó Sen (Vietnamese Lotus Root Salad) is a simple dish that’s chock full of nutritious and easy to find ingredients. For this particular recipe, we will instruct you on how to prepare Gỏi Ngó Sen with prawns and cuttlefish (seafoods style), but you can also use shredded steamed chicken, chicken legs, pig offal, and in some cases, pig tongues or ears. For its versatility and ease of preparation, Gỏi Ngó Sen is deeply ingrained in the healthy snack culture of Vietnam.

With our authentic Gỏi Ngó Sen Recipe, you will be able to enjoy this staple dish of the south Vietnam in less than an hour of preparation!

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35 mins

Cut the lotus roots into appropriately-sized pieces and chop them vertically into halves (See photo). Dip into water mixed with lemon and a little sugar for about 30 minutes. Slice the carrots and cucumbers.

10 mins

Clean the prawns, peel off the shells and heads leaving the tail for decoration. Chop the cuttlefish into thin slices. Boil the prawns and cuttlefish in water mixed with some salt and ginger.

5 mins

Mix fish sauce with water, minced garlic, chili, sugar and lemonade to make the dipping sauce

5 mins

Scoop out the lotus roots, mix with cucumbers, carrots and dipping sauce. Leave for approximately 15 minutes so the ingredients are well absorbed. At this point add the prawns, cuttlefish, and minced Vietnamese coriander in and mix well.

Serve on a plate or small bowl. Remember to dip into the sauce when enjoying your freshly made Gỏi ngó sen!


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