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Canh Chua Cá Recipe – Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Fish Soup

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1 whole fish red tilapia
80g elephant ear stem
100g tomato
80g ladies' fingers
80g pineapple
50g beansprouts
3 pcs horn chili
10g coriander
10g culantro
10g spring onion
150ml tamarind sauce
2 tbsp garlic minced
2 tbsp cooking oil
80ml fish sauce
100g sugar
20g seasoning powder

Canh Chua Cá Recipe – Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Fish Soup

  • 50 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


Canh Chua Cá (Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Fish Soup) cooked Southern-style has all the flavors that Vietnamese cuisines are known for: palatable sweet, sour and spicy taste combined with aromatic stir-fried garlic and the juicy tilapia fish meat. What’s more, this particular delicacy is an exceptionally healthy option with plenty of nutritious herbs and vegetables such as ladies fingers, elephant ear stern, beansprouts, and tamarind to name a few.  It is great to enjoy hot with white rice and fish sauce on a cold day. Let us walk you through the necessary steps to create Canh Chua Cá!

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10 mins

Preparation 1

Get rid of the fish's fins, gills and internal organs. Wash and chop into 4 parts including fillets, fish head and tail like in image above.

5 mins

Preparation 2

Peel off the skin and cut the elephant ear stem into thin slices diagonally. Cut the tomatoes into halves. Chop the pineapple into bite-sized pieces.

5 mins

Preparation 3

For the ladies fingers, cut the stem and pointy tip off, then chop into halves. Dice the horn chili. Cut the spring onions, coriander, and culantro into small pieces. Wash and let dry.

5 mins

Heat 2 tbsp cooking oil, add minced garlic in and stir fry in a pot until golden brown. Scoop out the garlic and set aside in a small bowl. Add 1/2 the amount of tomatoes into the pot, and stir fry until very tender.

10 mins

Pour 1.2 litre of drinking water into the pot. Add the tilapia fillets and other parts in, and cook until well done, then scoop them out and set aside.

10 mins

Next, add the elephant ear stern, pineapple, ladies fingers, and the remaining 1/2 of tomatoes into the pot and bring to a boil for about 5 minutes. Season with 80 ml fish sauce, 100g sugar, 20g seasoning powder, and 150 ml tamarind sauce.

5 mins

Add beansprouts, chili, onions and coriander into the pot, together with the previously stir fried minced garlic and stir well. Our dish is now complete. When serving, add the cooked fish into the soup bowl and enjoy with rice. Remember to dip the fish into fish sauce before each bite. Enjoy Canh Chua Ca with your family or friends!


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