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Bún riêu cua recipe – Crab paste vermicelli soup

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Soup Base
500g fresh field crabs
50g crab roe
2 pc egg
70g dried shrimp
3 pc tomato
100g pig blood
2 large pc fried bean curd
30g shallot
3 tbsp rice vinegar
2 tbsp seasoning powder
500g vermicelli
100g morning glory
100g banana blossom
100g Vietnamese balm leaves
100g beansprouts
30g spring onion
6 rolls Vietnamese pork ham

Bún riêu cua recipe – Crab paste vermicelli soup

  • 1 hr 15mins
  • Serves 3
  • Medium


Bún riêu cua (Crab paste vermicelli soup) is a casual dish familiar to Vietnamese people of all ages. It is imbued with the sweet, savory flavor from crab meat, the light sour taste of tomatoes and the signature aroma of the shrimp paste sauce.

Bún riêu cua is enjoyed with a plate of fresh vegetables that contains various signature herbs such as banana blossom, grated morning glory, Vietnamese balm leaves and beansprouts to complete a delicious dish that battles these hot summer days.

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15 mins


Add a tbsp of cooking oil into a frying pan, wait for the oil to heat up, add sliced shallot and stir fry for the aroma. After that, add crab roe, 1 tbsp shrimp paste in and stir well. Place the dried shrimps in a bowl of water to soften them. Chop the pig blood into square-shape pieces.

10 mins

When shrimp roe boils, pour half of the amount into a bowl. Leave the remaining in the pan, continue to add tomato, fried bean curd (chopped into cubes) and 1tsp cashew oil. Stir fry until tomatoes are cooked and the sauce turned into a pretty orange color then turn off the heat.

15 mins

Place the fresh field crabs into a large iced bowl to stop them from moving. Pull off the crab shells, wash and clean the crabs then place into a grinder to break and mince them. Alternatively, you can buy pre-shredded crabmeat from the supermarket or local markets.

Add the grinded crabmeat into a fine strainer, pour cold water on it to filter out the hard parts. Pour the filtered liquid crab mixture into a pot, add 2 whipped eggs then simmer on lower heat.

15 mins

Wait until the water boils, the crab paste will float on top. At this point, please use a fine strainer to scoop the crabmeats, let dry then add into a bowl. Use your hand to grab and squeeze the crabmeats so that when cut later, they will form eyecatching shapes. Now spread the crab roe that we prepared just now evenly onto the surface of the crab paste, to create a prettier color for the paste.

15 mins

After scooping out the crab paste, add the soften dried shrimps into the soup base tfo sweeten and add a more distinct flavor to it. After that, mix 3tbsp vinegar, 2 tbsp seasoning powder and 1 tbsp shrimp paste. Pour this into the soup base and stir well. When the soup base boils, add the stired fried bean curds and tomatoes into it, add the pig blood, wait for the soup base to boil again then turn off the heat. Season according to your taste.

5 mins

Boil the vermicelli, let dry and scoop into a large bowl. Add some crab pastes, vietnamese pork ham slices, some pig blood pieces and bean curds. Pour the hot soup into the bowl, add some sliced spring onions and you have a delicious bún riêu cua bowl. Place the fresh vegetables and herbs onto a plate to enjoy together with a small bowl of shrimp paste. Hope you will enjoyed this dish and see you next time!


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