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Bánh tráng nướng Recipe – Grilled Rice Papers

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Bánh tráng nướng Recipe – Grilled Rice Papers

  • 25 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy


Bánh tráng nướng (Grilled rice papers) is a trending dish that’s been gaining popularity among the street food lover community. For this bánh tráng nướng recipe, we will use a nonstick frying pan to make the dish. This is fairly new method compared to the more traditional recipe that makes use of a charcoal grill grate.

These grilled rice papers will turn out crispy, hot but soft on the inside. The combination of various ingredients makes for a perfect afternoon treat, or anytime you feel the urge for some tasty snack!

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10 mins

Heat up a nonstick pan on high temperature or large fire. Place a piece of rice paper on the pan, crack two quail eggs into the pan, add finely chopped spring onions.

Use chopsticks or a whisk to spread the eggs and onions evenly on the rice paper’s surface

10 mins

Add butter and cheese, use a spoon to spread them evenly (1/2 or 1 cube of cheese is fine, it’s up to your liking)

When the eggs is evenly cooked, add coin sliced pork sausages, beef jerky pieces, dried shrimps and fried onion evenly across the rice paper. For spicy food lovers, you can also add some chili sauce.

5 mins

Use a spatula to lightly fold the paper into half and quickly remove the nonstick pan from the stove.


Serve. The deliciously flavorful and freshly grilled bánh tráng nướng is great for an afternoon snack!


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