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Bánh tôm chiên khoai môn recipe – Deep Fried Prawn Cake with Taro

  • 45 mins
  • Serves 3
  • Easy


How nice would it be to have a crispy, freshly fried prawn cake that melts in your mouth, especially when you’re feeling hungry.  This dish becomes irresistible with the addition of the sweet and savory flavor of taro. You can enjoy bánh tôm chiên khoai môn (deep fried prawn cake with taro) with sweet and sour fish sauce and raw vegetables, or simply with just chili sauce – it will taste just as good!

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15 mins


Cut off the heads of fresh prawns, peel off the shells leaving only the tails for decoration purpose. To peel off the shells easily, prior to preparation, keep the prawns in the fridge so that the shell hardens a little. Grate the taro into thin slices. Wash the spring onions and mince them.

10 mins

Making the batter

Add spring onions, 150g all-purpose flour, ½ tsp turmeric extract, 150ml water and 1 tsp salt into a bowl. Mix and stir until the flour and salt dissolved into a smooth-looking mixture.

15 mins

Deep Frying

Place half of the taro into the batter and mix well. Heat oil until you see bubbles. Use a big spoon to scoop the batter – the amount can be to your liking. After scooping a spoonful of the batter, add a prawn on top and careful place each of them on the frying pan. Use plenty of oil.

Deep fry the cakes until golden then flip them. After they are well fried, scoop out and use paper to absorb the extra oil. Once the first batch of taro has been fried, add the rest of the taro into the batter and mix again. Continue frying like previously until the prawns run out.

5 mins


Serve with either sweet and sour fish sauce or chili sauce. The cake should be crispy on the outside, and softens towards the middle part. It should be a great afternoon snack for your family.


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