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Bánh cuốn Recipe – Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls

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150g rice flour
80g tapioca flour Bột năng
20g kudzu flour Bột sắn dây
4 tbsp cooking oil
200g minced pork
150g wood ear mushroom
1 pc onion
2 tbsp fried onion
1 pc shallot
1 tsp garlic minced
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp seasoning powder

Bánh cuốn Recipe – Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls

  • 45 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


A popular dish for Vietnamese breakfast, Bánh cuốn (Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls) is a rice-based delicacy that can be enjoyed hot with various accompanying food such as Vietnamese ham (chả lụa), raw vegetables and mixed dipping fish sauce.

As internationally known as it is, not many people today are aware that Bánh cuốn has its origins from China. When the Chinese first introduced what was known today as the Noodle Rolls (Cheung) to the Vietnamese cuisine culture during the 18th Hung Vuong era, Bánh cuốn was often prepared and given as a gift for the equivalent of today’s Tet Holiday. Since then, Bánh cuốn has taken on various forms as it spreads from the northern to the southern parts of Vietnam. To date, it still retains its signature taste and shape and has become known across the globe as a light, healthy and appetizing Vietnamese delicacy.

With our Bánh cuốn Recipe, you can prepare Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls in the most cost and time efficient way. If you are curious about the taste of authentic Vietnamese Bánh cuốn and want to learn how to cook this delicious dish for breakfast, now is the chance!

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10 mins

Peel the onions, shallots and mince them. Dip the wood ear mushrooms in warm water, let dry and cut into small pieces.

10 mins

Add the rice flour, tapioca flour, kudzu flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tbsp cooking oil into a large bowl. Slowly pour 2 bowls of water in and stir well.

10 mins

Stir fry the shallots, garlic with 1 tbsp cooking oil in a pan for the aroma. Add the minced pork, onions, wood ear mushroom in and season with pepper, 1 tsp salt, fish sauce, and seasoning powder. Stir fry for about 10 minutes.

15 mins

Heat another frying pan with 1 tbsp cooking oil. Scoop the flour mixture in so that it forms a very thin layer that spreads across the surface of the pan.

Daub 1 tbsp cooking oil on the surface of a plate, place the cooked rice cake on. Scoop the minced pork mixture in and roll it like the image above. Repeat until all the flour and meat mixture are finished.



Arrange all the finished banh cuon rice flour rolls on a plate, sprinkle some fried onions on top. You can enjoy banh cuon with Vietnamese ham (chả lụa), beansprouts, raw vegetables and sweet and sour fish sauce for dipping. Enjoy!


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